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Florida Hospital Zephyrhills Receives 2013 “CATSPY” Award from Wesley Chapel High School

Wesley Chapel High School recognizes athletes, coaches, teams, community members, individuals, and companies that help support the athletic program annual end of the year ceremony called the CATSPY’s. Florida Hospital Zephyrhills was voted as the winner of the prestigious Community Involvement Award by students, parents, and staff.
Florida Hospital Zephyrhills Orthopaedic Institute doctor Christopher Baker, MD, and his team of certified athletic trainers (ATCs) provide a full host of services to the sports teams, including conditioning and training to prevent injuries, and if injuries occur, providing medical treatment including surgery, if needed. Dr. Baker and the ATCs are at most games on the sidelines, providing immediate medical attention should injuries occur while play occurs, and work with coaching staff at the schools to provide a more realistic return to the field for injured players. If Dr. Baker is not in attendance at the games, the ATCs have direct access to him by dedicated phone line, and in turn Dr. Baker provides consultation to other medical professionals, such as those in the Emergency Department, should a player be injured and transported for emergency treatment.