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Florida Hospital Zephyrhills Dedicates CREATION Health Tree of Life

Florida Hospital Zephyrhills (FHZ) dedicated a new interactive mural in its hospital lobby on Monday, November 16, with staff, volunteers and members of the community present.  Randy Surber, FHZ President and CEO, presided. 

The mural, which covers an entire wall off the hospital's main entrance, represents the Tree of Life and is consistent with the Christian values upon which the not-for-profit hospital is based, according to Surber. Eight large monitors have been interspersed within the tree and change to reflect tranquil nature scenes.  The tree trunk, branches and leaves are made of several layers of Eurocore maple and are three inches thick.  Additionally, every leaf has been airbrushed around its edges to add depth, Surber said.  The interactive kiosk in front of the Tree of Life is designed to give the user the opportunity to learn and remember how the principles in the acronym C.R.E.A.T.I.O.N. can help us live an abundant and satisfying life.

The mural was more than a year in the making and is the first of its kind at Florida Hospital.  FHZ's Administrative Council, led by Surber and senior staff, came up with the Tree of Life concept and then the design and construction phase began.  The former corresponds with FHZ's commitment to CREATION Health and wellness.  "Our hospital is here to provide the best possible care when you need us most," Surber said, "but we're equally dedicated to keeping you well.  That's where CREATION Health comes in."

CREATION Health is the health care organization's acronym for Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal Relationships, Outlook and Nutrition.  By regularly practicing these eight principles, Surber said, we believe that it will help one to live a fuller, happier and heathier life.  In line with this philosophy, FHZ is preparing for the grand opening of its new, free-standing CREATION Health Wellness Center and its CREATION Health Community Garden in January 2016.  FHZ also hosts ongoing community health education programs and support groups at no charge.

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