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Our Faith-based, Patient-focused Mission

Dedicated to the Florida Hospital mission carried on for more than 100 years, Florida Hospital Zephyrhills exists to extend the healing ministry of Christ. Elevating the health and wellness of our community, our faith-based services focus on patients overall, long-term health. We operate under a holistic healthcare philosophy: improve healing by treating the whole person—mind, body and spirit.
As part of Adventist Health System, the largest non-profit Protestant health care provider in the nation, Florida Hospital Zephyrhills belongs to a nation-wide system of medical experts, advanced care provider and researchers. It’s our mission to carry this standard of care to our community of Zephyrhills.
We draw motivation and direction from the six core principles shared by all Florida Hospital employees:
1. Our Christian Mission: We provide care by serving our community and operating with Christian values and the compassion of Jesus Christ.
2. Focus on Community Wellness: As an organization and as individuals, we commit time, money and expertise to educate our neighbors on illness prevention and healthy living.
3. Quality and Service Excellence: We meet and exceed the healthcare industry standards to ensure we provide patients with the highest level of care. We continuously measure our patients’ satisfaction and address any complaints or issues when they arise.
4. High Ethical Standards: In all aspects of our business, we use integrity, honesty and fairness.
5. Compassion: In Jesus’ same spirit of compassion for the sick and less fortunate, we strive to treat each visitor and patient with compassion, understanding and sensitivity.
6. Cultural Diversity: We celebrate the diversity of our employees, patients, colleagues and visitors. We promise to treat all people with kindness and respect, regardless of their background, race, religion or culture.