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At Florida Hospital Zephyrhills, we offer the only FibroScan® technology in the Tampa Bay area. 

FibroScan® is a non-invasive, needle-free test to measure the “stiffness” of the liver in patients with chronic liver disease.  Liver stiffness helps your doctor determine the best course of treatment for you.  (The stiffer the liver, the more advanced the liver disease, and the more rigorous the treatment required.)  It’s also important to monitor the stiffness of your liver during treatment to track the effectiveness of the treatment.

With FibroScan®, a board certified technologist places a probe on your side near the location of your liver.  That probe sends a painless vibration through your body and into your liver.  The probe measures how fast it takes the vibration to travel through the liver.  The faster it takes the vibration to travel through the liver, the stiffer the liver is.  Your technologist will take a number of different measurements with the FibroScan® probe.  The entire exam is complete in approximately 10-15 minutes.

In April 2013, the FDA cleared FibroScan® as a way of measuring liver stiffness in patients with chronic liver disease.  FibroScan® has been used on tens of thousands of patients in Europe, where it has been an approved diagnostic test for twelve years.

If you suffer from cirrhosis of the liver or liver disease, ask your doctor about Fibroscan at Florida Hospital Zephyrhills.