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Simpson Breast Health Center - Vision for the Future - Reshaping Mammography

Thanks to our generous community, the Simpson Breast Health Center opened in 2012.  Since then, you have allowed us to compassionately care for, diagnose and treat over 6,200 people in our community.  Our team has also been scored in the 99th percentile for patient experience for many years.  But, our story does not end there.  There is more work to be done.  

We understand that an abnormal mammogram or breast biopsy can create great fear and uncertainty.  It is common for women to have a multitude of difficult questions and concerns that require the immediate need for qualified, helpful, communication combined with expert care.  It is our hope to bring revolutionary imaging services to East Pasco County and surrounding communities to make our patient experience more comfortable, with accurate diagnosis and limited testing.


  • Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography - our Simpson Breast Health Center will be 1 in 3, in the state, to offer this technology.  This will allow us to better diagnose and easily pinpoint the location of cancer without multiple testing.
  • 3D Mammography - for earlier detection
  • Ultrasound Biopsy Needle Guidance System - to accurately pinpoint abnormal tissue
  • Dueta - allows patients to have control over the amount of compression during a mammogram
  • Pristina Mammography System - the only one in Pasco County.  This system is designed to make breast screening more comfortable and inviting for patients and inlcudes soft, LED lighting
  • Breast Density Assessment Software - provides more uniformed care with patient tracking to produce a breast density tissue score
  • Faster and more comfortable breast biopsy technology

Here is where you come in.

The VISION FOR THE FUTURE Campaign is a $550,000 investment for the Simpson Breast Health Center. 

You can light the way for our neighbors in East Pasco and beyond.  Your investment will alleviate fears, ease minds and hearts, light the way for our physicians to give the best care possible and most importantly, it will save lives. 

Please consider a pledge today to bring this state-of-the-art technology to our community.

To make a donation or to learn more, please contact:
Sasha Hausman, CFRE, Executive Director Foundation
Florida Hospital Zephyrhills
7050 Gall Boulevard, Zephyrills, FL 33541
(813) 783-6144