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Birth Design Team

Many times when women get married, they turn to wedding planners—experts who can help them through an often-complicated process so they can relax and enjoy their big day. At the Baby Place, we take the same approach to delivery. Our Birth Experience Designers—registered nurses who specialize in obstetrics care—cater to each mother’s individual needs to provide the happiest experience possible. This begins early in the pregnancy. Mom and designer communicate with Mom’s obstetrics physician to create a personalized birthing plan- what we call Birth Wishes, answer any questions about labor and delivery, and make decisions on amenities, such what kind of pillow, food, drinks and music the mother wants during her stay, as well as decisions about issues such as pain management.

Our birth team is also available to assist mothers who desire an un-medicated delivery. Your Birth Experience Designer can help you locate doulas and midwives; in addition, our Labor and Delivery nurses are specially trained in un-medicated delivery, and can help you throughout your delivery experience. Our teams are knowledgeable of Lamaze, the Bradley method and hypnobirthing techniques that are designed to help mothers relax. 

These Birth Experience Designers work with each mother to identify and plan all of her wishes, but they’re not alone. The Baby Place also provides a personal concierge to fulfill the mother’s needs. These concierges are available Monday through Friday to answer questions, make any necessary arrangements and ensure that all of our mothers and their families are completely taken care of. To reach a member of our Birth Experience Designer team, please call 407-646-7200.

Congratulations on being pregnant! Right now, you are probably overwhelmed with learning about pregnancy and thoughts of becoming new parents. To help put you at ease, the following pages of our "Mommy Manual" are a checklist of things to do prior to your hospital stay. To download the mommy manual click here

Featured in Photo: Vickie Smith, RN - Birth Experience Designer
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Click here to view your pregnancy guide - we have created a "roadmap" as a guide of things to do prior to your hospital stay.

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