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Baby Place Parent Education

At the Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place at Winter Park Memorial Hospital, we’ve completely reinvented our parent education into the Baby Place Academy program. For some of our classes, we bring in experts to teach prospective parents about specific areas of the birth process—for example, an anesthesiologist may offer information about epidurals or pain management, or a lactation nurse about lactation.

Our classes are intimate, designed to be small so that Mom and her support person have a chance to interact with both the instructor and fellow classmates—more like collaborative interaction than a classroom format. We offer both traditional classes and newer classes, such as Daddy Boot Camp, Mommy Yoga and instruction on the Bradley method. We also have online classes for selected classes as well.

In addition, lactation consultants are available immediately after delivery to answer any questions mothers may have about breastfeeding or work through issues related to latching or feeding. After discharge, we also offer breastfeeding consultations for a small fee. We encourage skin-to-skin contact immediately following delivery, which promotes bonding, breastfeeding, and regulates the baby’s temperature and sugar levels.

Our dedication to our mothers lasts after they leave the Baby Place as well. Our Baby Bunch is a support group for mothers with a baby one year old or younger. For a small fee, our Baby Bunch moms can get together for lunch and mutual support. A lactation consultant is available at every group meeting to weigh babies and answer any breastfeeding questions, and guest speakers will offer presentations on topics from making baby food to losing baby weight. This group meets every Friday, and anyone with a baby under one year old is welcome to attend.

For a complete listing of all the parent education classes we offer, please visit the Baby Place Academy. If you have any questions, please call 407-646-7200.