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New App Helps Mothers Track Baby’s Growth

New App Helps Mothers Track Baby’s Growth

Winter Park Memorial Hospital designs new app for moms on the go

Winter Park, Fla., October 12, 2012- Taking care of a baby can be exhausting enough without having to worry about keeping track of the baby’s every move. Most pediatricians highly recommend tracking diaper changes, eating schedules, and nap times for the first part of a child’s life. But a new app for mobile devices created by Winter Park Memorial Hospital is now available to help make tracking a baby’s development easier to manage.

This new app called, “Baby Place,” allows mom to ditch the pen and paper for a handy app on her phone. Now mom can keep track on the go since the app has six features to help keep the baby’s schedule organized. Each segment of the app has separate areas that allow for the baby’s time and date of activities to be logged. Mom can easily keep track of when the baby last ate or slept.

This new app was developed by the staff that saw a need for this type of technology.

“In today’s world, moms are on the go, often managing motherhood with other personal and professional responsibilities at a sprint-like pace, said Vickie Smith, RN, birth experience designer at The Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place at Winter Park Memorial Hospital. “Our team wanted to provide moms with an easy to use mobile tool they can take anywhere, so they can track and access their little one’s habits and needs at a push of a button.”

One of the helpful perks of this app is that mom can email herself the data she has saved, such as the baby’s medical information. This makes reporting habits back to the baby’s doctor simple and efficient. Mom can also set alarms so she knows the exact time the baby needs to feed, nurse or sleep. The Baby Place app is one of the most comprehensive, free apps for new moms of its kind.

The Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place at Winter Park Memorial Hospital is a boutique style hospital with concierge level services for expectant mothers. The Baby place includes 36 suites, 10 labor and delivery rooms, three cesarean-section operating rooms, four new triage rooms, a nursery and a new neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

The app can be downloaded by visiting

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