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Campus Mission

Our Mission

Winter Park Memorial is proud to be a campus of Florida Hospital, the flagship of Adventist Health System, which is the largest non-profit Protestant health care provider in the United States. Our mission reflects the standards and values that Florida Hospital has adhered to for more than a century. Every day, we strive to elevate the health and wellness of our neighbors and community.

Florida Hospital employees are motivated by our six core principles, which guide the way we serve others. These are:

  • Our Christian Mission: Our service to our community is rooted in our Christian values, especially the unending compassion of Jesus Christ.
  • Focus on Community Wellness: At Florida Hospital, we commit time, money and health care experts to educate members of our community on ways they can prevent illness and live a healthier lifestyle. Prevention is, after all, often the best medicine.
  • Quality and Service Excellence: We work tirelessly to meet or exceed both health care industry standards and our patients’ expectations. To ensure that we’re offering the best possible care, we continuously survey our patients to assess their satisfaction and address any complaints or issues they may have as quickly as possible.
  • High Ethical Standards: Our employees aim to conduct our business with integrity, fairness and absolute honesty. We strive to be responsible stewards of the resources with which we’ve been blessed, and employ business practices that are both cost-effective and productive.
  • Compassion: Just as Jesus ministered to the sick and less fortunate with compassion and love, we at Florida Hospital work diligently to be empathetic in all that we do, and to be sensitive to the needs of the individuals and families we serve.
  • Cultural Diversity: At Florida Hospital, we honor and celebrate the diversity of our employees, colleagues, patients and visitors, and treat all of them as we would wish to be treated, with kindness and respect, no matter their background, race, religion or culture.