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Imaging Services

Our Imaging Difference

Imaging services are a vital element of the diagnosis and treatment process. They allow doctors to get detailed images of the body’s internal structures. At Winter Park Memorial Hospital, our Imaging Department offers a complete spectrum of the latest and most advanced technologies in radiology services, including our new PACS system for digital imaging and our high-field open MRI, the first of its kind in Central Florida.

When it comes to imaging, the difference is clear. Winter Park Memorial Hospital offers the preferred digital imaging system for referring physicians in Central Florida, and performs more exams than any other imaging facility in the area. All of our staff members and radiologists are certified by the American College of Radiology on mammography, CT, MRI and ultrasound scans, and all of our breast imaging centers are part of the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. We accept most insurances and provide a self-pay discount, payment plans and our own Breast Cancer Care Fund, which covers diagnostic breast imaging. In fact, most insurance plans cover preventative screenings with no copay.

Winter Park Memorial Hospital is the only subspecialized radiology group of this size—more than 60 radiologists—in Central Florida. For our patients, that means we have experts on the imaging of different body sections, and these board-certified radiologists have a higher accuracy rate than general radiologists. We also have some of the fastest and most cutting-edge technology available, which both increases the quality of the images and improves our patients’ experiences. For instance, we have fewer call-backs than the national averages for mammography and other imaging exams, which means that with us you’re much less likely to have to return to the hospital for another test than with some other facilities in the area.

We also strive to make our facilities accessible and convenient for all. For women and men in our community who cannot afford mammograms, the Winter Park Memorial Hospital Mammography Scholarship Fund may be able to help. This program, funded by Pink Out Winter Park, raised more than $25,000 in 2012, enabling 167 of our neighbors to receive free mammography screenings.

You can schedule an appointment online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or over the phone at (407) 646-7798 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. We offer evening, lunchtime and weekend appointments.

High-Field Open MRI

This new technology—the first of its kind in the region—provides Winter Park Memorial Hospital’s MRI patients with a heretofore-unseen level of comfort. The Philips Panorama is a high-field MRI with open architecture, which gives our physicians a clear image of the patient’s internal structures while putting him or her at ease—and without the claustrophobia that some patients suffer from during enclosed MRIs.

At our Jim and Alexis Pugh MRI Center, we use a combination of sounds, music and imagery to help our patients relax. Ambient lighting is projected onto the walls, creating an environment pre-selected by the patient—an adventure in Australia, for instance, or maybe a walk on the beach. We do this, however, without sacrificing quality. Our Philips Panorama provides high-quality images that can be used to make accurate diagnoses.

For more information about our high-field open MRI or the schedule an appointment, please give us a call today at (407) 646-7798.


Winter Park Memorial Hospital is proud to be the only hospital in Central Florida to offer the new Positron Emission Mammography Flex Scanner. PEM is the highest-resolution breast-imaging tool available. These scans allow doctors to spot breast cancers that are no bigger than a grain of rice, and can also be used to precisely determine the location and size of suspicious lumps. This technology can help physicians determine the best treatment options, monitor the patient’s progress or check for a recurrence of the disease. In addition to helping diagnose breast cancer, PEM is also an alternative for women who cannot undergo breast MRIs for reasons such as obesity, medical implants or claustrophobia.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at (407) 646-7798.


Using the Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) within Florida Hospital’s network of 17 area facilities, radiology images are digitally captured and can be accessed through our secure online network. These images can also be digitally manipulated to offer doctors a clearer look—and in the long run, this system is less costly.