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Pink Army

WE CAN DO IT! Join Us in the Fight Against Breast Cancer by Joining the Pink Army today. Join. Get Screened. Donate.

Pink Army is not about military recruitment nor is it a club with an affinity toward the color pink – it’s about saving lives from breast cancer. It's open to men and women. Save the life of someone you know and maybe someone you don't.

As the second most common form of cancer found in women, breast cancer is a formidable enemy, but it is one that can be beat. We're enlisting an army of individuals to help us create greater awareness about the life-saving benefits of annual mammograms and early detection. Help us spread the word through Pink Army. Through the Pink Army, you will have the opportunity to spread this life-saving message, to those you love.
Upon enlisting in the Pink Army, you’ll receive your own dog tags. You’ll have the support you need with our unified front of hospitals, cancer center and diagnostic partners. And because you are on the front line of awareness and education for your friends, family, and co-workers, your voice is our greatest weapon in this battle.
And remember purchases of Pink Army gear and donations benefit the Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel Center for Women’s Health to provide mammograms to underinsured or uninsured women. 
Join. Get Screened. Donate. Join the Pink Army today!

A Special Thank You to Our local Pink Army Partners: