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Sports Medicine

Sports Performance Lab

A comprehensive program to identify and correct dysfunctional movement that impedes maximum sports performance and increases the risk of acute and overuse injuries, like ACL tears, shin splints, tendonitis, elbow pain, shoulder pain and ankle injuries.

Program Details
The program consists of a customized biomechanical assessment, development of a comprehensive individualized plan and personalized corrective exercise (Kinesio training).

Athlete Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of balance, strength, stability and mobility.
functional movement
core stability
head-to-toe strength & range of motion measurements
photo and video motion analysis
jump mechanics screening
baseline neurocognitive concussion test
review of assessment results
printed assessment report

Kinesio Training
1-on-1 or small group training with a certified athletic trainer to correct identified biomechanical deficiencies. This customized neuromuscular intervention program pre-programs efficient movement patterns proven to reduce the risk of injury and enhance athletic performance


Identify and correct dysfunctional movement
Enhance functional movement quality to maximize sports performance and prevent injury
Personal and small group neuromuscular training with a certified athletic trainer
Improve balance and core stability in jumping, landing, squatting and sport specific movements

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