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Primary Care

Primary Care Physicians

Why you need a primary care physician

Having a physician who is familiar with your lifestyle, health and medical history is important to providing you with comprehensive care. Primary care physicians serve as a medical home where all of the information about your conditions, treatments and medications are kept in one place to provide a complete picture of your health and coordinate your care. Primary Care physicians see their patients regularly looking for symptoms a patient may not notice. Many conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and depression are silent until they become chronic or severe. It is a primary care physician’s job to identify these silent conditions. Your primary care physician can provide advice on healthy lifestyle habits and improved quality of life.

Find your primary care physician 

We can help you find a highly qualified, board-certified primary care physician to provide ongoing care and help you establish a healthy lifestyle. Our physicians provide regular checkups, preventative care, health screenings, immunizations and referrals to specialized physicians. To find a physician, call 813-929-5432.