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Patient Education

Patient Education

Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel Patient Education

At Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel, our goal isn’t merely to bandage your wound or prescribe you some pills and send you on your way. As part of our holistic healing philosophy, we want to give you the kind of life-changing information that will, over the long run, allow you to live happier and healthier.

To that end, we provide the GetWell Network in all patient rooms. GetWell Network Inc. is a leading provider of interactive patient care solutions, and this program empowers patients and families by placing them at the center of their own care experience. Patients can interact with the system to access valuable education, communication and entertainment tools.

Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel will be the first hospital in the Tampa Bay area to integrate Real Time Location Services (RTLS). RTLS has many features, a few of which include:

  • When a staff member enters your room with his or her badge on, his or her picture and information will automatically show up on your television screen.
  • You’ll have the ability to research your condition and medications and keep track of any questions you may have for your nurses or doctors.
  • The RTLS will be another way of tracking how often nurses are checking on each patient and how much time they spend with the patient during each visit. Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel is committed to hourly rounding—meaning our nurses check in on patients at least once per hour—and this system helps us ensure you’re getting the timely assistance you need while in our care.
  • The RTLS also makes sure that doctors, nurses and staff members are using hand sanitizers when they enter and leave your room. This can significantly decrease the spread of hospital-acquired infections.
  • Additionally, thanks to the GetWell Network, you’ll have access to entertainment and the Internet so you can stay in touch with family, friends and work.

In the near future, Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel will begin providing patient education programs, screenings, events and seminars for the community.