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Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute

Sports Medicine

At Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel, we share your passion for sports, but there’s one thing we’re more passionate about: you, the athlete. Our sports medicine program provides the preventative and rehabilitation treatment to keep you in the game. From amateurs to world-class sports competitors, we focus on healing injuries and preventing new ones.

In fact, we offer a complete Health & Wellness Center with state-of-the-art workout and rehab facilities and a variety of wellness programs for athletes and parents. It’s convenient, expert medical care close to home.

Concussion Center

Concussions are among the most common traumatic brain injuries. A concussion, or concussive traumatic brain injury, is an injury cause by a jolt or blow to the head that prevents the brain from working normally.

When recognized and treated properly, most people fully recover from a single concussion. However, it is important to quickly recognize and respond appropriately to a concussion to effectively treat the condition. Our medical team is specially trained and experienced in evaluating and treating concussions, establishing the only concussion center in Pasco County.

Services provided by the Concussion Center:

  • Diagnosis of concussion

  • Plan of care for recovery and rehabilitation
  • Returning to daily activities
  • ImPACT testing
    • The first, most widely used and most scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation

Proud Orthopedics and Sports Medicine providers for the following sports organizations:

Tampa Bay Storm

Tampa Bay Lightning

Wesley Chapel Athletic Association

Tampa Bay Bucs