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Personal Training

Choosing to work with one of our degreed, experienced and certified personal trainers is a physical, mental, psychological and emotional experience, where the body, mind and spirit is rejuvenated and changed. Your personal trainer will thoroughly assess your situation and carefully consider your goals to plan a customized, individualized and unique fitness program, enabling you to improve your fitness level and change your body.

Your personal trainer will build a meaningful partnership with you, to empower you, to assist you, to encourage you, and to push you to achieve your personal goals. You will feel better, move better and look better with an improved quality of life.

All personal training packages include:

  • Thorough fitness assessment
  • Lifestyle evaluation
  • Realistic goal-setting
  • Personalized fitness program design
  • Supervised fitness sessions with the personal trainer
  • Progress and final evaluations

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Personal Training Programs & Packages

Our programs and speciality classes are designed to bring you individualized training to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Our personal training services are available to both Health & Wellness Center members and the general public. For more information about our programs, please call (813) 929-5371.

One-On-One Individual Training

Partner Training

Small-Group Training

Youth Fitness Program

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