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Well on Your Way – Diabetes Intervention Program

It’s time to take the next step in controlling your diabetes and making significant improvements in your long-term health.

Well on Your Way is a FREE 12-week diabetes intervention program offering a lot more than basic education. You’ll learn how eating, exercising and living a healthier lifestyle can improve your health and help you avoid the pitfalls of diabetes-related complications. Those complications include heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, kidney disease, nerve damage, foot problems, eye damage and more.

This program will focus on the advantages of nutrition and exercise. With the help of highly skilled professionals, including an Exercise Physiologist and a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, you’ll be perfectly prepared to learn new healthy skills and get the motivation to put them into action. This program is free, open to the public and requires completion of Diabetes Self-Management Education Program.

Program participants receive:

  • FREE 12-week intervention program
  • Unlimited access to the Health & Wellness Center at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel (during the 12-week program)
  • Comprehensive health assessments, including lab work and biometrics
  • Individualized exercise programs
  • Individual nutrition consultations
  • Weekly small-group exercise training
  • Group nutrition education sessions
  • Ongoing follow-up and support

Program goals:

  • Lower blood glucose levels
  • Improve HgbA1c & lipid profile
  • Reduce body weight & body fat
  • Improve quality of life

The Well on Your Way Program is funded by Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel and Adventist Health System. The program uses the Creation Health principles of health and wellness to manage diabetes through a multi-dimensional approach.

Well on Your Way

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