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Weight Management

Florida Hospital has helped thousands of people who were over weight—and over dealing with the health issues that accompany obesity—find hope for a longer, healthier, slimmer life. A trusted resource in weight management medicine, Florida Hospital offers highly effective, surgical and non-surgical techniques. Our weight management physicians and specialists create personalized plans with reasonable, attainable lifestyle goals. Conditions like hyper-tension, chronic fatigue and high blood pressure can often disappear along with the weight.

Effective, Tailor-fit Programs

At Florida Hospital we base our programs on proven scientific research and medical knowledge. With the environmental, genetic and biological mechanisms that can be responsible for weight gain and regain, we tailor fit our weight loss programs to each patient’s specific needs and situation. By understanding the exact causes of an individual’s weight gain, a program can be fully developed that includes permanent lifestyle changes.

In fact, many of our patients experience an improvement or complete reversal of many other conditions as they lose weight. Heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure, fertility issues and more can be greatly improved and even cured with our safe and effective weight loss programs.

Florida Hospital Celebration Health Metabolic Medicine and Surgery Institute

Our state-of-the-art, individualized approach to weight loss and lifelong success is delivered by a dedicated team of multidisciplinary professionals, including frequent consultations with an endocrinologist/obesity specialist, nutritionist, exercise physiologist, health coach, pharmacist, psychologist and spiritual care advisor.

In the event that bariatric surgery is determined as a course of treatment, the Institute is the first, and currently the only, bariatric surgery center of Excellence located in Central Florida. Both our care, and our outcomes exceed that of national standards and other weight loss programs.

Everyone on your team is here to help you succeed, offering the education, encouragement and guidance you need to become victorious in your weight loss journey. Learn more about the Florida Hospital Celebration Health Metabolic Medicine and Surgery Institute.

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