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Wedge Resection

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

For patients with lung cancer, several surgical options may be recommended. The wedge resection option removes the small part of the lung that is cancerous. This surgery leaves the rest of the lungs to function normally. This procedure can be done using a minimally invasive surgery that involves a few small incisions in the chest rather than a large open incision. Florida Hospital specializes in minimally invasive procedures to reduce the risk of complications. Also, patients feel less pain and have a faster recovery. See if you are a candidate for this advanced medical procedure. Schedule an appointment today.


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For patients diagnosed with early stage lung cancer, surgery is often recommended to remove the cancerous tissue from the lungs. Wedge resection is a type of lung surgery that removes the cancerous portion of the lung while sparing the rest of the lobe. The remaining lung tissue continues to work normally.

Wedge resection eliminates cancer from the body and is usually only available when the cancer is restricted to a small part of the lung. For some patients, wedge resection is performed with a procedure called a thoracotomy. During this procedure, doctors make a long incision in the side of the chest. While this is effective, the surgery may cause dangerous side effects and long recovery.

Florida Hospital is dedicated to minimally invasive surgeries that reduce patient’s pain and recovery time. For qualified patients, wedge resection at Florida Hospital may be performed using advanced, robotic technology. These minimally invasive procedures use small incisions rather than one large incision and robotic technology to improve the accuracy of the surgeon’s movements.

Request an appointment at Florida Hospital to see if robotic procedures for wedge resection are options for your treatment.

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