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Apr 16

Waterman Wellness Presents, Vrej Manoogian, Do "restore Your Knee To A More Natural State"

Vrej Manoogian, DO "Restore Your Knee to a More Natural State"

Apr 3

Waterman Wellness Presents Ahmed Al-hazzouri "colorectal Cancer Screenings"

One screening could save your life. Colorectal Cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer in the U.S.and is also the most treatable when detected early.

Mar 31

Waterman Wellness Presents Miguel Bryce, Md "irregular Heart Beat? You Coule Be At Risk For Sudden Cardiac Death"

Miguel Bryce, MD "Irregular heart beat? You coule be at risk for sudden cardiac death"

Mar 20

Waterman Wellness: Samuel Goss, Do "stop Heart Disease Before It Stops You."

Waterman Wellness: Samuel Goss, DO "Stop heart disease before it stops you."

Jan 30

Waterman Wellness: Steven Pillow, Md " Is Your Bladder Controlling You?"

Steven Pillow, MD speaks on bladder control

Jan 29

Waterman Wellness- Donald Perry,md "living With Knee Pain? Makoplasty"

Waterman Wellness- Donald Perry, MD "Living with knee pain? MAKOplasty"

Jan 23

Waterman Wellness: Steven Pillow, Md "is Your Bladder Controlling You?"

Waterman Wellness: Steven Pillow, MD "Is your bladder controlling you?"

Jan 14

Waterman Wellness: Richard Bosshardt Md, "skin Cancer"

Dr. Bosshardt, MD presents on Skin Cancer

Dec 22

Waterman Wellness- Jeffrey Brabham, Md " Lung Cancer"

Jeffrey Brabham, MD explains more about Lung Cancer

Dec 20

Waterman Wellness: Gary Allen, Md "the Silent Killer: Women And Heart Disease"

Gary Allen, MD explains The Silent Killer: Women and Heart Disease

Dec 4

Waterman Wellness- Vrej Manoogian, Do "restore Your Knee To A More Natural State"

Vrej Manoogian, DO explains how to restore your knee

Nov 12

Waterman Wellness: Harsh Duphare, Md "digestive Care"

Harsh Duphare, MD explains more about digestive care

Nov 6

Waterman Wellness: Chris Stanley, Md : "urogynecology"

Chris Stanley, MD explains more about UroGynecology

Oct 16

Waterman Wellness: Borys Mascarenhas, Md, Facs & Maen Hussein, Md "ovarian Cancer"

Borys Mascarenhas, MD and Maen Hussein, MD speak about Ovarian Cancer

Sep 9

Waterman Wellness: Thomas Parente, Md, Facc "angina And Heart Disease"

Thomas Parente, MD, FACC explains more about Angina and Heart Disease

Sep 6

Waterman Wellness: Jon Radnothy, Do "knee Pain? Advances In Robotic Surgery Spares Healthy Bone And Tissue"

Jon Radnothy, DO explains how advances in robotic surgery can have you home the next day

Sep 6

Waterman Wellness: Carol Morris, Pt "rehabilitation: Putting You Back In Balance"

Carol Morris, PT shows you how to put you back in balance.

Sep 5

Waterman Wellness: Maen Hussein, Md "getting Personal With Lung Cancer"

Maen Hussein, MD gets personal with Lung Cancer

Jun 27

Waterman Wellness- Michael Freedman, Do "community Update In Sinusitis"

Michael Freedman, DO updates the community

Jun 27

Waterman Wellness- Gary Allen, Md "keeping Your Heart Smart"

Gary Allen, MD explains how you can keep your heart smart

Jun 27

Waterman Wellness: Hugh Nguyen, Md "too Many Pills? Another Medication May Not Always Be The Answer"

Hugh Nguyen, MD explains about the downside of too many pills

Jun 27

Waterman Wellness- Miguel Bryce, Md, Facc "can An Irregular Heartbeat Be A Sign Of Atrial Fibrillation?"

Miguel Bryce, MD, FACC speaks about irregular heartbeats and Atrial Fibrillation

Jun 20

Waterman Wellness: Jeffery Brabham, Md "ct Lung Screening For Cancer"

Jeffery Brabham, MD explains CT Lung Screening

Jun 20

Waterman Wellness: Jon Radnothy, Do "makoplasty: Robotic Knee Resurfacing"

Jon Radnothy, DO, explains robotic knee resurfacing

Mar 27

Waterman Wellness: David Fernandez, Md "overview Of Pressure Ulcers"

Dr. David Fernandez explains Pressure Ulcers

Jan 30

Waterman Wellness: Donald Perry, Md "makoplasty

Dr. Perry speaks about MAKOplasty

Dec 28

Waterman Wellness Presents Jeffrey Brabham, Md "understanding Prostate Cancer"

Waterman Wellness presents Jeffrey Brabham, MD "Understanding Prostate Cancer"

Dec 14

Waterman Wellness Presents Samir Guru, Do "joint Replacement, Makoplasty"

Waterman Wellness presents Samir Guru, DO "Joint Replacement, MAKOplasty"

Dec 13

Waterman Wellness Presents "female And Male Incontinence - A Full Comprehensive Discussion"

Waterman Wellness presents "Female and Male Incontinence - A Full Comprehensive Discussion"

Dec 13

"bladder Matters" - Heather Simpson Rader, Dpt, Bca-pmd

"Bladder Matters" - Heather Simpson Rader, DPT, BCA-PMD

Dec 13

"bladder Matters" - Heather Simpson Rader, Dpt, Bca-pmd

"Bladder Matters" - Heather Simpson Rader, DPT, BCA-PMD

Mar 29

Florida Hospital's 100 Year Journey. Our Story And Our Mission

Our mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ is reflected in all we do. Our goal is to continue to heal the mind, body and spirit -- to millions of people here in Florida and worldwide.