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Sponsorship/Donation Request

Sponsorship Requests

Florida Hospital Waterman is committed to making Lake County a better, healthier place to live. We’re invested in this community, and dedicated to its growth and prosperity. 
As such, we welcome your requests for donations and sponsorships. However, please be advised of the following: 
  • Please make your request at least eight weeks prior to the event or sponsorship deadline. 
  • Completion of this form does not guarantee acceptance by Florida Hospital Waterman. 
  • We cannot accommodate requests from individuals, for-profits or out-of-area organizations. 
  • No participation on the Sabbath (Saturday)
  • No Alcohol
Please fill out and submit the below form. Once we have received the request, we will need at least eight weeks advance notice to consider it. We will then contact you within 30 days to notify you of the status of your request.