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Florida Hospital Waterman Loses Nearly Four Employees In Weight Loss Challenge

TAVARES, Fla. (January 10, 2014) - A competition featuring weekly weight loss motivation and support helped Florida Hospital Waterman employees achieve a combined weight loss equal to nearly four employees. The competition, Waterman’s Biggest Loser Winner, encouraged employees, their families, and hospital volunteers to participate with the reward of $500 cash prizes. A special ceremony was held after the competition in order to recognize participants for their hard work and dedication and to award prizes for exceptional performance.  The top prizes were awarded to Kelly Dower, the female with the greatest weight loss, Samuel Jones, the male with the greatest weight-loss and “Foodies for Fitness” the team with the greatest percentage of weight loss.  There were a total of 55 employees who participated with a total combined weight loss of 430 pounds.

“The Monday weekly weigh-ins and the monthly lunch meeting support sessions helped to keep me on track,” said Kelly Dower, respiratory therapist and Florida Hospital Waterman’s biggest winner female. “I also went to the employee fitness center every morning, trying new workouts to further my weight loss and get in shape.”

   The motivation and support for this weight loss initiative was directed by CREATION Health, Florida Hospital Waterman’s whole-person wellness program. CREATION Health is a lifestyle transformation program guided by eight universal principles, one of which is nutrition. The goal of the competition, which began on October 1, 2013 and ended January 7, 2014, was to help participants improve their education on proper nutrition and promote weight loss and healthy eating habits.

“Being overweight can contribute to a number of other health concerns, such as depression, joint pain and heart disease,” said Candace Huber, RN, CREATION Health’s community health transformation specialist. “By encouraging others to improve their nutrition, they can begin their journey to whole-person wellness and work towards living longer and healthier lives.”
“We want to provide our employees with any tools they need to improve and maintain their health,” said David Ottati, President and Chief Executive Officer of Florida Hospital Waterman. “The amount of employee involvement in this competition was tremendous and we hope to achieve the same results in all of our health improvement initiatives.”

CREATION Health also offers programs and classes open to the community featuring a variety of topics focused on whole person health and lifestyle transformation. For a list of available classes or to register for a class visit,