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Florida Hospital Waterman celebrates Certified Nurses’ Day

TAVARES, Fla. (March 17, 2014) - Florida Hospital Waterman is celebrating Certified Nurses’ Day, March 19, by honoring its board certified nurses. “Board Certification of nurses plays an increasingly important role in the assurance of high standards of care for patients and their loved ones,” said Patricia Dolan, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, Florida Hospital Waterman. “Nursing, like health care in general, has become increasingly complex. While a registered nurse license provides entry to general nursing practice, the knowledge-intensive requirements of modern nursing require extensive education, as well as a strong personal commitment to excellence by the nurse.”
  Florida Hospital Waterman encourages national board certification for all its nurses. “Patients are encouraged to inquire whether there are certified nurses on staff when they visit a hospital or their primary care provider, said Cheryl Thaler, Director of Medical/ Surgical and Special Care Services, Florida Hospital Waterman. “There are many nursing certification specialties such as medical-surgical, pediatric, pain management, cardiac vascular, oncology, case management, emergency, critical care and many others.” Many nursing certification bodies exist to serve the full range of specialized nursing care offered in the contemporary health care system. The following nurses are being recognized for their professionalism, leadership, and commitment to excellence in patient care.

Aji Achuthan
Alisha Bateman
Allison Post
Ana Hamlin
Anna Lesmerises
Anna Rust
Azalee Brown
Barbara Reed
Barbara Richards
Bobbie Leanne NeSmith
Brandi Bryan
Brian Kinsey
Carol Farber
Catherine Smith
Charlene Copley
Cheryl Finotti
Cheryl Thaler
Cindy Reyes
Crystal Mosley
Cyndi Eason
Deborah Gelb
Deborah Trumbower
Debra Dudley
Debra Dunn
Dianne Simmons
Dolores Martino
Edna Coleman
Elisabeth Dahl
Elizabeth Domingo
Erin Troup
Eunice Waldrop
Fern Wittenburg
Flo Shrager
Frank Cardenas
GeorgeAnn Bjornson
Ginger Clippinger
Glenda LaRoe
Jackie Heverly
Jane McMillian
Jane Templin
Janet Martin
Jean Debarre
Jeannette Adney
Jeannie Jones
Jennifer Carter
Jennifer Herman
Joel Gonzalez
Judy Fanta
Karen Riseley
Karen Seabrook
Karin McIntosh
Katheryn Smith
Kathleen Forsyth
Kathleen Whigham
Kathryn Smith
Kathy Byk
Lari Quintero
Laura Everett
Lavenia Elkins
Lisa Mercado
Lura Livingston
Mary Kastrati
Mary Narmore
MaryAnne Miller
Michele Feldt
Michele Smith
Michelle Frazier
Midred Langga
Nadine Bobick
Nancy Hartkop
Nitra Bell
Pamela Brown
Pamela Faust
Patricia Fountain
Patricia Rickels
Paul Neuman
Renee Godwin
Rosie Short
Sandra Lindsay
Sarah Waldrop
Shabreena Rahaman
Sharon Mendez
Susan Kicklighter
Susan Sanders
Sylivia McGinty
Tamika Jones
Tammy Toft
Teresa Haire
Tomi Pata
Tuwana Phelps-Keaton
Joshua Snavely
Melissa Alvelo-Burgos
Megan Molina 
Pamela Brown
Fern Wittenberg