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Tuesday, November 14 2017
All Day
Florida Hospital Waterman Mattison Conference Room

Healing Vs Curing: A Thoughtful Discussion for Abundant Living

Join Florida Hospital Waterman healthcare professionals and leaders in the Faith Community as we consider the challenges between the medical and faith communities and the values of the individuals we serve. This important presentation and inter-faith panel discussion will focus on the issues surrounding Healing vs Curing. We all face challenges as we encounter the uncomfortable and anxious times of life and death. Bringing these into harmony with values and faith is often a struggle. Can there be freedom within the hard conversations? Can healing occur without a cure? Can we empower each other to use the resources of faith as we treat illness? Does healing include death among the blessed outcomes of care? Does medicine embrace the individual’s journey and include additional options other than the curative? This is a free conference sponsored by Florida Hospital Waterman. Registration is required. Please call to reserve your place: 352-253-3397.