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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

When you’re dealing with an emergency, you want care fast—every second counts. The Florida Hospital Waterman Emergency Department is designed to provide care efficiently. Our “Pull to Full” process virtually eliminates the delays associated with the waiting area and places patients directly into a bed where our physicians can evaluate them. In addition, we have a helicopter pad, which enables us to provide quick, convenient transport.

As important as speed is, you also want to know that you’re receiving quality care. At Florida Hospital Waterman, our team of skilled doctors and nurses has the experience and technology to battle any medical emergency. All of our emergency physicians are board-certified in emergency medicine. And even though time is always of the essence, we also pride ourselves on connecting with all of our patients so we can fully understand their needs and provide the most effective and appropriate treatment.

For more information on our Emergency Department, call us today at (352) 253-3336.