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Patient Navigator Program

The Cancer Institute’s Patient Navigator Program is designed to guide you through diagnosis, through treatment and recovery process- from before diagnosis, through treatment and to survivorship. Our patient navigator helps coordinate your treatment and connect you with the support you need. Patient navigator:

  • Helps coordinate care and the health care system by coordinating care with your physician, specialist and other caregivers
  • Provide one-on-one consultations to help patients and family members better understand the diagnosis and treatments options
  • Assist with information gathering
  • Coordinate care and streamline appointments 
for quicker treatment
  • Identify and provide assistance to overcome any 
barriers to cancer care, such as finances, transportation, languages, culture, communication or fear
  • Link patients, caregivers and families to community resources to address specific needs during cancer treatment
  • Lead and facilitate support groups

For more information call the Patient Cancer Care Navigator at (352) 253-3036.