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Vulvar Cancer

Symptoms and Signs of Vulvar Cancer

Symptoms of vulvar cancer can include vulvar itching that does not improve, a change in skin color around the vulva, a change in the way the skin around the vulva feels, and wart-like bumps, cauliflower-like growths, or ulcers or sores on the vulva or clitoral area (the lumps/sores can be red, gray or white). Other symptoms include pain when urinating, a discharge or bleeding unrelated to the menstrual cycle, enlarged glands in the groin area, an abnormal or new mole on the vulva, or a change in a vulvar mole that has been there for years.

The two most common types of vulvar cancer are vulvar squamous carcinoma, which begins in skin cells and accounts for about 90 percent of vulvar cancer cases, and vulvar melanoma. While the latter is relatively rare, if a woman has a family history of melanoma, she is at greater risk of developing the variant of the disease. 

Locations for Vulvar Cancer