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Chaplain Services

We believe prayer and spiritual guidance can have a profound impact on healing and helping individuals in time of need. To provide comfort and support, Florida Hospital has chaplains on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our chaplains understand the importance of faith and prayer for healing and spiritual interventions complement traditional medical treatment. As a result, Florida Hospital is a leader in whole person health—mind, body and spirit.

Each of our compassionate and caring chaplains are trained professionals; integral members of the Florida Hospital’s healing team. They are not only sensitive to the medical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients, but their family and friends as well. Our chaplains invite meaningful and healthy use of an individual’s spiritual beliefs and resources in the midst of an illness or crisis.

Pastoral Care is fully integrated into the treatment program at Florida Hospital.

Our chaplains:

  • Receive referrals from physicians and nurses
  • Participate in interdisciplinary care conferences
  • Enter their services into the medical records
  • Provide support to patients, family and staff 24 hours every day
  • Provide a bridge to community clergy as needed

At the core of Pastoral Care is our belief in a God who cares and wants to support us in our daily walk. As representatives of God, our chaplains stand ready to assist you in your walk.

If you have a family member or friend in the hospital that you would like a chaplain to visit, click here to find out how to reach one of our chaplains.

Grief Support Services

In times of loss, we offer the heartfelt sympathy and helpful support. Our bereavement services are available through a variety of different ways:

  1. Florida Hospital Chaplains are available to provide informal grief counseling by telephone or office visit. Call (407) 303-5136 or contact one of our campus Pastoral Care departments directly. Click here for contact information.

  2. We provide grief education and bereavement support groups on a regular basis. Call (407) 303-2670 for more information or click here.

  3. Touch Points designed to help you work through your grief are available upon request. Call (407) 303-5136 or send an email to describing your loss.

Prayer and Support

The essence of pastoral care is our belief in God, who cares and wants to support us in our daily walk, and prayer is an integral part of our ministry.
Religious faith is a vital force in life – influencing, among other things, health and wholeness. When a health crisis occurs, the crisis also affects you spiritually. Your faith is your most important resource to assist you in facing the crisis and dealing with the spiritual aspects of your health.

If you would like a Chaplain to pray for you:
Florida Hospital Pastoral Care has prayer request books in each of our chapels and will also take your request by email.

If you would like a Chaplain to pray with you:
Dial "0" to reach a hospital chaplain when you are at the hospital.
Outside the hospital, the Pastoral Care office of each Florida Hospital campus can be reached for prayer at (407) 303-5136.

Special intercessory prayer for those in special need:
Every Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. in the Florida Hospital Orlando Chapel, individuals gather to pray for one another and for requests that have been received from others. We have witnessed through this group the power and sustaining grace of prayer. Call the numbers listed above to leave your requests.

Remember, prayer really changes things, especially the person who is doing the praying.