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Ventilator Treatment

Side Effects of Ventilator Treatment

Before any medical therapy or procedure, it’s important to know the risks. Ventilator treatment side effects and risks include both serious and minor complications.

These are a few of the risks of ventilator treatment:

  • Infections—bacteria can more easily get inside the lungs
  • Sinus infection—this is more common when tubes are placed through the nose/mouth
  • Collapsed lung—a weak part of the lung becomes too full of air and begins to leak
  • Lung damage—air pressure in the lungs can injure the tissue
  • Side effects of medication—medications may be needed to sedate the patient and carry their own risks
  • Oxygen toxicity—high levels of oxygen can damage lung tissue
  • Damage to the vocal cords

Florida Hospital works to limit and eliminate the risks and side effects of ventilator treatment. 

Locations for Ventilator Treatment