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Ventilation Therapy

Side Effects of Ventilation Therapy

While the treatment often saves infants’ lives, there are side effects of ventilation therapy that parents should understand before treatment begins. Many of the risks are inherent in the management of ventilation therapy, specifically how much oxygen, how long the treatment continues and the method used.

These are some of the side effects of ventilation therapy:

  • Infection or irritation of the throat and lungs
  • Bleeding in the lungs
  • Lung tissue damage from oxygen pressure
  • Difficulty weaning the baby off the ventilator

The team at Florida Hospital has extensive experience providing ventilation therapy to these tiny patients. Each specialist works hand-in-hand with other specialists to develop the safest and most effective treatment. We follow strict safety precautions and take extra steps to avoid risks when treating these tiny patients.

Learn more about how doctors at Florida Hospital work to avoid side effects of ventilation therapy. Schedule an appointment at Florida Hospital today.


Locations for Ventilation Therapy