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Vaginal Dryness

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Vaginal dryness may cause significant discomfort, but usually can be managed with proper medical treatment. The women’s health care professionals at Florida Hospital specialize in the treatment of all vaginal problems including vaginal dryness. These caring specialists are experts in the latest treatments and develop effective strategies based on each woman’s unique needs. Women experiencing any symptoms of vaginal dryness are encouraged to consult with the gynecologists at Florida Hospital so they can enjoy a fast return to normal health.

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Vaginal dryness, also called atrophic vaginitis, is inadequate vaginal lubrication typically due to low estrogen levels. Usually estrogen drops following menopause but can occur due to other disorders. The decline in hormone levels can result in vaginal atrophy, or the thinning of vaginal tissue. Applying the correct treatment usually relieves symptoms, but the condition may result in sores or cracks in the vaginal walls, increases the risk of yeast and bacterial infections and makes sexual intercourse painful. Often vaginal dryness can be managed with a water-soluble lubricant available over the counter. If that solution is not effective, a woman should consult with her doctor.

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