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Uterine Prolapse

Statistics on Uterine Prolapse

Existing facts on uterine prolapse do not show exactly how many women are affected. However, various studies indicate that it is a common condition and that women face an increased risk as they age.

Some of the statistics on uterine prolapse include:

  • The Women’s Health Initiative in the U.S. showed some degree of prolapse in 44 percent of women
  • 14 percent of those women had uterine prolapse
  • A follow-up of the WHI study showed uterine prolapse regressed in almost 48 percent of women
  • Another study in the U.S. found women have an 11 percent lifetime risk for the condition
  • A U.K. study reported that surgery was required in 16 of 10,000 cases
  • Women with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 35 are at higher risk
  • 95 percent of hysterectomies in a U.K. study were for uterine prolapse

Locations for Uterine Prolapse