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Uterine Prolapse

Research and Clinical Trials for Uterine Prolapse

Much of the research for uterine prolapse involves developing and improving surgical procedures to correct the condition. Other studies investigate risk factors, physical therapy treatments, and use of medical devices.

Clinical trials for uterine prolapse include:

  • Comparing laparoscopic surgery to vaginal repair
  • New procedures to reconstruct pelvic floor muscles and ligaments
  • Use of antibiotics during vaginal repair
  • Effectiveness of different types of vaginal mesh to support pelvic organs
  • Developing exercises to help ease symptoms
  • How different methods of vaginal birth affect the risk of uterine prolapse
  • Robot-assistance in surgical procedures
  • Development of medical devices
  • Problems arising from incontinence
  • New technology for more refined and accurate diagnostic devices

Locations for Uterine Prolapse