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Uterine Prolapse

Conditions Related to Uterine Prolapse

Among the related conditions of uterine prolapse are problems arising from the condition. The cervix and walls of the vagina and develop ulcers or become infected. A tear in the tissue separating the vagina from the bladder and the rectum during childbirth can lead to urinary tract infections or constipation and hemorrhoids. Just having had multiple pregnancies resulting in vaginal births also is involved in uterine prolapse.

Being overweight and obesity are strongly related conditions of uterine prolapse. A high body mass index (greater than 25) puts women at statistically higher risk. Constipation is associated with prolapse resulting from straining to force a bowel movement. Respiratory disorders that cause a chronic cough also have been connected to weakening pelvic muscles resulting in uterine prolapse.

Locations for Uterine Prolapse