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Uterine Cancer (Endometrial Cancer)

Survivability of Uterine Cancer

The survivability of uterine cancer often varies according to the type of uterine cancer, the severity of the cancer and the patient’s individual health. These factors can change the outcome of cancer treatment.

The severity or stage of uterine cancer, plays a big role in the survivability.  The earlier the cancer is diagnosed and treated, the higher the likelinood of surviving and recovery. For instance, patients with stage 0 and stage 1 tumors have higher than 70-75% survivability rate according to the National Cancer Data Base (2000-2002). The more severe the cancer is when diagnosed, the lower the survivability. Patients with stage 4 uterine cancer averages between 15 and 17% survivability.

This shows the importance of early diagnosis. Know the symptoms and the risks of uterine cancer to see if you are at risk. Then speak with your doctor to determine if you should be screened.


Locations for Uterine Cancer (Endometrial Cancer)