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More than 20 years ago, Florida Hospital offered the first kidney stone treatment in the area to use a non-surgical method of breaking up stones with ultrasound. Today, we continue to bring new procedures for the treatment of all urological issues like voiding dysfunctions, cancer, neuro-urological conditions and general urological diseases. One of the most promising of these is the robotic prostatectomy, which has consistently demonstrated superior outcomes compared to traditional approaches when it comes to cancer control, incontinence and impotence.  

Multiple-specialty Experience

Florida Hospital’s multidisciplinary approach to urologic diseases and disorders is unique. Our ability to tap into the collective expertise and knowledge across multiple specialties allows you to get the very best medical care possible. All within a highly advanced, yet patient-centric environment that makes Florida Hospital one of the finest Centers of Excellence in urologic medicine.

At the core of our urology program is our sincere commitment to enhance the life of every patient who comes to us for care. We offer comprehensive educational, emotional and spiritual support through every step of treatment, including our one-on-one support that treats the whole person – mind, body and spirit. 

Global Robotics Institute 

With some of the world's top robotic surgeons and clinical staff, we offer patients and their families unrivaled minimally invasive surgical care. From robotic prostatectomy to robotic hysterectomy, our minimally invasive options greatly reduce the pain, scarring and recovery time associated with traditional surgery. Our expert team is comprised of physicians from around the world that enable us to better serve our international patients and their families. Our priority is to deliver the best outcomes combined with the utmost in customer service.  Learn more about the Global Robotics Institute.

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