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Urinary Incontinence

Screening and Tests for Urinary Incontinence

Screening for urinary incontinence will begin a complete physical exam focusing on the urinary and nervous systems, reproductive organs and urine samples. A urologist may also be consulted. Tests for urinary incontinence may include:

  • Urinalysis and blood test
  • Abdominal or pelvic ultrasound
  • Urodynamic testing (procedures that look at how well the bladder, sphincters and urethra store and release urine)
  • Postvoid residual measurement (a urodynamic test that measures how much urine is left in the bladder after urination
  • Bladder stress test (in which the patient is asked to stand with a full bladder and then cough)
  • Cystogram (a nuclear scan that involves placing radioactive material in the bladder that can then be used to test urinary and bladder functions)
  • Cystoscopy (a test that allows doctors to view the inside of the bladder)

Locations for Urinary Incontinence