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Urinary Cancer

Survivability of Urinary Cancer

The survivability of urinary cancer depends largely on when it is diagnosed and treatment begins. Early stage, superficial bladder cancer, for instance, has a five-year relative survival rate of about 85 percent. For later-stage bladder cancer, however, the prognosis isn’t as good: Patients with Stage III cancer only have about a 50 percent cure rate, and only 5 percent of patients whose cancer has metastasized live two years after diagnosis.

In addition, bladder cancer has a high recurrence rate, so if it’s been treated and the cancer is in remission, you’ll need consistent follow-up care, including urine cytology and cystoscopy every three months for two years, every six months for the next two years, and then annually after that.

For about one third of kidney cancer patients, the cancer has spread by the time it is diagnosed, which is unfortunate, as here again, early-stage diagnosis presents a much more favorable prognosis. Once the cancer has spread beyond the kidney to other organs or the lymph nodes, the chances of survival decline. 

Locations for Urinary Cancer