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Urethral Cancer

Survivability of Urethral Cancer

The survivability of urethral cancer depends on early detection. As this type of cancer progresses, the survival rate decreases due to the spread of cancer cells into nearby lymph nodes, tissues, organs, bones, and in the blood stream. 

Florida Hospital is conducting clinical research to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment options to combat urethral cancer as well as advanced urinary tract cancers. Follow-up care of this cancer is mandatory due to the nature of the location, type of cancer cells found within the urethra, and if a tumor is blocking this region.  

Prognosis of urethral cancer relies on early detection, as delaying medical care when symptoms and signs are present may pose major complications. Although urethral cancer is rare, the cancer can be treated. However, there is no guarantee that treatment will eliminate all cancer cells and prevent the cancer from coming back again. 

Locations for Urethral Cancer