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Urethral Cancer

Stages of Urethral Cancer

The stages of urethral cancer are determined by the size, type, location, and depth of the cancer. Understanding what are the stages of this type of cancer may prepare an affected member to authorize future treatment options without delay. 

The stages of urethral cancer are consistent with that of urinary cancers since this tube is a vital component of the urinary system. Urethral cancer treatment plans are developed once the stage of the cancer has been identified. 

The following stages of urethral cancer are consistent with bladder cancer in which include: 

  • Stage 0 - cancer cells are detected within the urethra
  • Stage I - cancer cells enter the lining and/or attack the mucus-producing glands
  • Stage II - cancer cells penetrate the lining and invader the surrounding tissues such as the penis and the vaginal wall. 
  • Stage III - cancer cells spread into the tissue and may attack the prostate and female reproductive system. 
  • Stage IV - cancer cells advance into the lymph nodes, bloodstream, and into vital organs. As a result of this stage, the cancer materializes and takes up residence in all tissues, organs, muscles, blood vessels, and other components in its path.    

Locations for Urethral Cancer