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Umbilical Hernia

Symptoms and Signs of Umbilical Hernia

Symptoms of an umbilical hernia depend on the degree of this rupture, though patients suffering from this hernia are likely to experience pain, aching, and pressure near the lower abdominal region next to the belly button. Signs of this hernia are characterized by a lump, bulging and/or swelling underneath the belly button.

The most common types of hernias produce relevant symptoms and signs. Patients may experience severe symptoms in cases involving the intestine, where this membrane may become incarcerated (get stuck in the hernia) or strangulated (cut off blood flow). If any one of these actions occur, a patient can experience gastrointestinal issues.

Given the severity of these complications, a loss of appetite, pale skin, ecchymosis (internal bruising), bowel obstruction, and other symptoms and signs may worsen an umbilical hernia.

The following symptoms and signs of an umbilical hernia include:

  • Obstructed intestine
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Pain
  • Pressure in lower abdomen
  • Swelling
  • Lump near belly button

Health care providers at Florida Hospital can assess symptoms and signs of an umbilical hernia to make a determination if a rupture is present.

Locations for Umbilical Hernia