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Umbilical Hernia

Causes of Umbilical Hernia

What causes an umbilical hernia? The causes of an umbilical hernia are performing heavy lifting, a congenital disorder, straining (bowel movement), pressure (coughing, vomiting and sneezing), and injuries that can cause damage to the lower abdominal region. Infants are typically born with an umbilical hernia, but this condition dissipates with age. 

Risk factors of an umbilical hernia are obesity, female gender, and pregnancy, all which may potentially increase the likelihood of a person developing this hernia. Furthermore, labor jobs such as construction, loaders, and movers may cause injury to the abdominal wall. 

The following risk factors of an umbilical hernia include:

  • Obesity
  • Female gender
  • Pregnancy
  • Heavy lifting jobs
  • Congenital structure

Specialists at Florida Hospital are trained to identify the causes of and potential risk factors of an umbilical hernia. Call and make an appointment today to learn about the causes of this hernia.

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