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Tumor Removal

Conditions Related to Tumor Removal

There are many related conditions that require a tumor removal to decrease the threat of cancer. Delaying treatment can cause a number of serious complications to develop into debilitating conditions. If a tumor is allowed to grow in vital areas, it may potentially lead to death.

Related conditions that require tumor removal are urethral cancer (rare), bladder cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, liver cancer, skin cancer and other types of cancer. Individuals who have a benign tumor that has not spread outside the point of origin may benefit from having a surgical tumor removal. 

An unexplained tumor can form in the abdomen, in the arm, leg, and in organs that are removable such as the spleen and gall bladder. Removing a tumor in these areas require doctors to assess the type of cancer cells, size, exact location, and if the growth has spread to nearby tissues, organs, muscles, and lymph nodes. A growth that is confined to one region and has no threat to spread is a likely candidate for tumor removal.  

Cancer that occurs in tumor form may be treated by tumor removal. Make an appointment at the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute.

Locations for Tumor Removal