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Tumor Removal

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Tumor removal is a surgical procedure performed to remove a tumor that may typically form on any external and/or internal part of the body. A tumor may be the size of a pea or become a massive growth, which can compromise normal organ function. Surgical tumor removal is selected as a treatment option to control the spread of cancer cells. Despite having a tumor removed, there is always a chance the tumor growth may return. Doctors at Florida Hospital will investigate the extent of a tumor to determine whether surgical tumor removal is a viable option. Schedule an appointment at Florida Hospital to discuss tumor removal with one our specialists. 
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Surgical tumor removal, also called curative surgery, is often the treatment of choice for cancer. A tumor is likely to form on any part of the external and/or internal body and may consist of benign and/or malignant cells. Surgical tumor removal is a desired option when this growth poses a threat to surrounding tissues, organs, muscles, lymph nodes, and the bloodstream. 

A doctor must investigate the size of the tumor, location, stage, and other important factors to develop the best surgical options suitable for patients who require surgical tumor removal. Tumors that become metastasized (spread to further organs) complicate tumor removal due to the rapid spread of this tumor growth. 

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) and malignant melanoma are different types of cancers with contrasting effects. These cancer cells are known to form in the urinary system such as the bladder, kidneys, and urethra, all components that are as part of the waste elimination process. Tumors may also form in the breast, brain and in the colon (begins as a polyp). It is important to examine the tumor, as removing the growth from vital areas may damage body function. 

Florida Hospital cancer doctors are highly trained in tumor removal. Make an appointment at Florida Hospital to discuss treatment options including surgical tumor removal.        

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