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Tumor Burning

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Cancer is a serious disease characterized by abnormal cells growing out of control with the capability to invade tissues, muscles, organs, bloodstream, and the bones. Tumor burning (also known as tumor ablation) is a non-surgical treatment option in which radiofrequency (RF) ablation emits RF energy into the cancer cells and/or tumor to destroy them. This non-surgical procedure involves injecting a needle into the tumor, and then sending an electrical current to cauterize the cancer cells and/or tumor. Specialists at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute are developing new techniques to make tumor burning an effective treatment option in fighting cancer. Call a doctor at Florida Hospital to discuss tumor burning (tumor ablation).  

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Tumor burning, or radiofrequency (RF) ablation, is a procedure used to kill cancer cells using RF energy. 

Doctors monitor radiofrequency (RF) ablation using X-ray imaging to guide the insertion of the needle and monitor the frequency of the electrical current transmitted into the tumor. Tumor burning is commonly performed on skin cancer patients, as the location of the tumor makes the non-surgical procedure accessible. 

Tumor burning is a conventional non-surgical treatment option that requires additional research to validate its effectiveness in destroying cancer cells and tumors. However, this non-surgical procedure may be recommended for patients with a high risk of developing complications during and after surgery. Furthermore, tumor burning may be reliable in cases where a tumor is easily accessible and a patient has a low risk of experiencing side effects and complications.     

Locations for Tumor Burning