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Tubal Ligatiion

Side Effects of Tubal Ligation

Even minimally invasive medical procedures involve risks that patients should understand before determining treatment. Side effects of tubal ligation are usually mild, but risks can involve unwanted pregnancies and reaction to surgery.
Review these potential side effects of tubal ligation with your doctor when determining the best treatment plan for your goals:
  • Bleed, infection or damage to surrounding tissue during/after surgery
  • Reactions to anesthesia
  • Difficulty breaking/pneumonia or heart problems caused by anesthesia
  • Procedure failure or incomplete tubal closure (risk for becoming pregnant)
  • If pregnancy occurs, patients have an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy
  • Injury to surrounding organs or tissues caused by surgical procedure.
While not a direct result of surgical risks, many women experience regret as a side effect of tubal ligation. While there has been some success in reversing the procedure, tubal ligation is a permanent treatment to stop pregnancy. If a woman later decides she would like to be pregnant, it may be difficult to reverse the procedure.
Before undergoing this procedure, speak to a counselor and doctor at Florida Hospital to ensure the permanent tubal ligation procedure is right for your health and current and future goals. Request an appointment today.

Locations for Tubal Ligatiion