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Trigeminal Neuralgia

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Trigeminal Neuralgia is a chronic pain condition characterized by sudden and severe episodes of burning or shock-like pain in the face. The pain can be triggered by any movement in the face, including eating, talking, washing your face or even gusts of wind. Trigeminal neuralgia is so painful that it can be physically and mentally debilitating, even though episodes only last for a few seconds or minutes. Patients may mistake the symptoms for dental problems, so the condition is often misdiagnosed. Doctors at Florida Hospital have years of experience diagnosing and treating this condition with minimally invasive surgical procedures. Our treatments can result in less pain and recovery time. Schedule your appointment today.

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A chronic pain condition, trigeminal neuralgia causes severe and sudden, shooting pain in the face, eyes, lips and jaw and forehead. Movement or vibration in the face can set off an episode, including talking, eating, applying makeup, shaving or walking in the wind. Episodes usually last a few seconds or minutes, but the pain can be physically and mentally debilitating.

Attacks occur for days, weeks or months and then can disappear for months or years. As the patient ages, episodes last longer and get more intense.

Many times trigeminal neuralgia is misdiagnosed for dental pain or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder initially. Some patients even undergo dental procedures until the condition is correctly diagnosed.

Florida Hospital provides screening and tests, and treatment for trigeminal neuralgia using minimally invasive procedures when possible.

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