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As the first hospital in Central Florida to perform a successful heart transplant, the Florida Hospital Transplant Institute has a long legacy of advancing care for organ recipients. We were also one of the first in the region to perform a kidney transplant, and have since grown our services to also include Heart, Kidney/Pancreas, bone marrow as well as Living Donor procedures. In fact, our survival rates are among the highest in country and exceed national averages. 

Among the oldest and most highly sought transplant centers in the nation, the Florida Hospital Transplant Institute has performed thousands of kidney transplants since it was first opened in 1973, and has established itself as a regional transplant hub, here in Orlando. 

The prospect of an organ transplant can be unsettling and filled with stress, fear and uncertainty. That’s why our transplant specialists provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions. At all stages of the transplant process, you and your family are an integral part of the decision making process about your care. Schedule an appointment with one of our transplant specialists today.

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