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Traditional Brain Surgery

Side Effects of Traditional Brain Surgery

Unlike less invasive procedures, patients may experience more side effects of traditional brain surgery because more of the body is affected by the surgery and there is a larger risk of complications. Speak to your doctor about your risks before undergoing surgery.

These are a few of the risks and side effects of traditional brain surgery:
•    Reactions to medications and anesthesia
•    Problems breathing with anesthesia
•    Speech, memory, balance, coordination and vision problems after surgery is completed
•    Muscle weakness post surgery
•    Brain blood clot or bleeding post surgery
•    Seizures or strokes
•    Coma
•    Infection in the brain, wound or skull
•    Swelling of the brain

Specialists at Florida Hospital can help you assess these risks. Our team uses specific procedures and precautions to avoid these complications.

Locations for Traditional Brain Surgery