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Thyroid Surgery

From evaluation, to treatment to recovery, Florida Hospital brings highly qualified teams of board-certified doctors and experienced nurses to the diagnosis and treatment of all thyroid issues. When surgery is needed to correct thyroid disorders, we can oftentimes employ minimally invasive laparoscopic or robotic assisted techniques, which are highly effective in thyroid removal surgery and minimizing post surgical pain, scarring and recovery time.  Schedule an appointment with an oncology specialist or request a second opinion today.

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What is Thyroid Surgery?

Thyroid surgical procedures are performed for a variety of thyroid conditions, including overactive thyroid glands (hyperthyroidism), enlarged thyroid glands (goiters), and cancerous and benign thyroid nodules (thyroid nodule surgery).

Thyroid Testing

To assess the health of the thyroid (a gland in the neck that controls metabolism), there are two types of thyroid nuclear medicine tests conducted prior to any surgical procedure:

  • Thyroid scan (or thyroid uptake scan)—produces a picture of the gland to investigate the cause of an overactive thyroid or evaluate any lumps or inflammation.
  • Radioactive iodine uptake test—performed to see if your thyroid is functioning normally and to determine why thyroid hormone levels may be elevated.

Locations for Thyroid Surgery